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On the 7th and 8th of November 2016 a EUROSAFE 2016 conference took place in Munich in Germany. The purpose of the EUROSAFE initiative is to harmonize research and technical activities in the field of nuclear safety. JSI is one of the partners of the EUROSAFE. Leading partners are Bel V ​​(Belgium), GRS (Germany) and IRSN (France). The conference was attended by around 300 participants. In the first plenary session of the conference the focus was on the potential dangers in nuclear power plants, IT security, security research in civil aviation and presentation of authorized experts in the field of nuclear safety. One of the authorized experts is JSI, which was presented by Tanja Klopčič.

The main topics in the second part of the conference were nuclear safety and security, the radioactive materials management and radiation safety. In this part the prof. dr. Leon Cizelj chaired the seminar which was devoted to research in the field of nuclear safety. Dr. Mitja Ursic presented the contribution ”M. Ursic, M. Leskovar, R. Meignen, S. Picchi, J.-A. Zambaux, Fuel coolant interaction modelling and sodium cooled fast reactors”.

On the7th and 9th of November 2016 the ETSON association organized a number of meetings in Munich and Garching. ETSON association was founded with the aim of professional integration of authorized experts for nuclear and radiation safety, bringing together experts from the member states of the European Community, Japan, Russia and Ukraine. Prof. dr. Leon Cizelj attended the board meeting and general assembly, dr. Mitja Uršič attended the meetings of the technical committee and research groups. At the meetings an overview of the functioning of the association and its committees and groups in 2016 was given and the work plan for the first half of 2017 was outlined.

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