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4th NUGENIA-SARNET TA2 review meetings on in- and ex-vessel corium behaviour, Puerto de la Cruz, Spain, 2.3.-10.3.2017

NUGENIA (NUclear GENeration II & III Association) is an association dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies, with a focus on Generation II and III nuclear plants. It gathers stakeholders from industry, research, safety organisations and academia, committed to develop joint R&D projects in the field. NUGENIA builds on the past success of European Commission-supported networks SARNET, NULIFE and SNETP. The work of NUGENIA is organised in seven technical areas, within a general scope defined by the Strategic Research Agenda published by SNETP, the European stakeholder forum for nuclear technology.

The NUGENIA Review Meeting was for technical area 2 “Severe Accidents” and was devoted to sub-areas TA2.1 “In-vessel corium and debris coolability” and TA2.2 “Ex-vessel corium interactions and coolability”. At the meeting the partners presented the status of current research activities and future plans, and proposals for future projects were presented and discussed. A special session was devoted to the 7.FP EU IVMR (In-Vessel Melt Retention Severe Accident Management Strategy for Existing and Future NPPs) project.

The review meeting was jointly organized by KIT from Germany and CEA from France in Puerto de la Cruz in Spain from 2.3.-10.3.2017. It was attended by Dr. Matjaž Leskovar from the Reactor Engineering Division of the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI-R4). He had a presentation entitled:

Leskovar, T. Skobe: “Analysis of Oxidation Influence in Ex-Vessel Steam Explosion with Metal Corium + Current status of JSI FCI R&D and FCI topics that JSI considers important in future”.

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