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SAFETY CULTURE NUSHARE WORSHOP, Madrid, Spain, 24-17.1.2017

NUSHARE project is aimed at raising awareness and educating decision-makers about nuclear safety culture. It is designed for three categories of decision-makers: politicians and opinion leaders, regulatory authorities and technical support organizations and operators and power plants suppliers.

This workshop was intended for experts of nuclear regulatory body and authorized experts for radiation and nuclear safety. The most important content was support for the interpretation and understanding of nuclear safety culture to the general public and simulation of management of nuclear power plants. In the management of nuclear power plants simulations the workshop participants formed Management Boards with few members and then with decisions about carried and non-carried out investments and reactions to minor defects or irregularities in our facilities verified what consequences could our management and decision-making strategies have after several years of operation.

The workshop, organized by the ENEN Association on the premises of the Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear in Madrid, was attended by prof. Leon Cizelj, head of the Reactor Engineering Division in the role of President of ENEN.

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