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SAMHYCO-NET Kick-Off Meeting, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France


The SAMHYCO-NET project is an in-kind project, created on the initiative of the Institute of Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN) from France. The purpose of the project is to involve research organizations in the field of hydrogen risk during a severe accident in a nuclear power plant. The project initiative followed the unsuccessful proposal of the SAMHYCO project for the European Commission's Horizon 2020 call. The project's content is part of the content foreseen in the SAMHYCO project: the use of passive autocatalytic hydrogen recombiners for lowering of the hydrogen concentration, the combustion of hydrogen in the nuclear power plant and the simulation of hydrogen combustion in the generic model of the containment chamber.

The initial meeting of the project was attended by representatives of the following organizations: NRG (Netherlands), Forschungszentrum Juelich (Germany), Becker Technologies (Germany), JAEA (Japan), Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan), MRI (Japan), CIEMAT (Spain), SSTC NRS (Ukraine), LEI (Lithuania), University College of Southeast Norway (Norway), KIT (Germany), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China), JSI (Slovenia), CNRS (France) and EDF (France). At the meeting, all participants confirmed the intention to participate in the project, and presented what our (expected) contributions would be. Warsaw Institute of Technology (Poland) and PSI (Switzerland) will also participate in the project.

JSI intends to participate in the SAMHYCO-NET project by continuing simulations of hydrogen combustion experiments in experimental containment devices, which have been successfully carried out in cooperation with the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG) from the Netherlands for many years. At the meeting, dr. Dirk Visser from NRG presented a joint presentation:

Hydrogen Deflagration Modelling (E. M. Komen, T. Holler, I. Kljenak, D. Visser).

The next project meeting is scheduled for June 2018 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

The SAMHYCO-NET Kick-Off Meeting, held on 18 and 19 October 2017 in Fontenay-aux-Roses (France), organized by the Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (France), was attended by dr. Ivo Kljenak from the Reactor Engineering Division, JSI.

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