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Initial meeting of the ENER / D3 / 2017-209-2 project, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 18-19 February 2018

The Directorate-General for Energy of the European Commission commissioned the association of authorized nuclear safety experts - ETSON to study the implementation of the european nuclear safety directive from 2014 in the national legislation. The focus of the project is on the implementation of the post-Fukushima security requirements and measures.

The project is co-ordinated by the German GRS, and in addition to the other ETSON members, the JSI-R4 also participates as a leader of the work package " Performing a detailed study on the safety upgrades in existing reactors performed in selected Member States ". Slovenia is currently the leader in this field in Europe.

The meeting, organized by the Directorate-General for Energy in Luxembourg, was attended by prof. dr. Leon Cizelj, Head of the Reactor Engineering Division, JSI.

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