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BEPU 2018 Conference, Lucca, Italy, 13.05. - 19.05, 2018

The BEPU-2018 International Conference (Best Uncertainty Plus Assessment) covers developments, applications and advancements in simulation programs and methods for calculating uncertainties in nuclear safety and technology. The last such type of conference was organized by the American Nuclear Society of America (American Nuclear Society) in Washington in 2000 and 2004. The first two conferences were limited to the field of thermo-hydraulics. This year's conference included a much broader spectrum of calculation uncertainty, among which methods of uncertainty in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), structural analysis, reactor physics, and the uncertainty of other more complex simulations in the field of nuclear technology. The BEPU-2018 conference was held in the Italian city of Lucca by the local organization NINE (Nuclear and Industrial Engineering), and sponsored by ANS, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) at the NEA (Nuclear Energy Agency).

The conference program covered 6 different technical areas. There were 5 plenary sessions with 13 invited lectures and about 30 parallel technical sessions with more than 100 oral presentations. In six days of the conference, 6 different panel discussions were also held. Informal meetings at the conference were also important.

The conference in Lucca was attended by dr. Boštjan Končar from the Reactor Engineering Division, JSI. At the conference he presented the contribution entitled »BEPU application to CFD benchmark« by the authors of A. Prošek, ​​B. Končar and M. Leskovar.

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