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European fusion research under the Horizon 2020 framework and the EURATOM treaty is joined by a targeted 7-year (2014-2020) fusion program EUROfusion. The European fusion program is aimed at research in support of the ITER fusion reactor and the long-term, development and realization of the demonstration fusion power plant. The EUROfusion program is implemented by a consortium of EU Member States' fusion research units (a total of 30), where the Jožef Stefan Institute acts as a Slovenian coordinator and partner in the consortium. The leading partner in the consortium is Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics in Garching, Germany. The decision-making body of the consortium is the General Assembly.

In days 16.4. and 17..2019, the 25th General Meeting of EUROfusion took place in Frascati. The meeting was organized at the ENEA Research Center (Agenzia nazionale per le nuove technologie, l'energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile). In addition to the ongoing issues for the implementation of the fusion program (substantive and financial aspect), most of the time the meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the DTT project (Divertor Tokamak Test facility). DTT is a new tokamak fusion device, funded largely by the Italian government through the European Structural Funds. The DTT is expected to be built by 2025 at the Frascati Research Center. The main purpose of the device is to test different configurations of the diverter and the magnetic restraint, so it will be built very flexibly. The main goal is to support the development of the DEMO power plant and  find a plasma operation regime without unwanted plasma breaks, which are not allowed in the DEMO reactor. At the meeting, the heads of individual sections of the DTT project presented the course and project management, the technical characteristics of the plant and the plan for carrying out physical experiments on the device. The DTT was designed with the help of experts from the EUROfusion program in accordance with the needs of the DEMO power plant development program and will also be part of the infrastructure of future research programs.

The General Meeting of EUROfusion was attended by Dr. Boštjan Končar from the Department of Reactor Engineering, JSI.

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