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NURETH is the most important conference related to the nuclear reactor thermal-hydraulics. At the NURETH-18 internetional conference, 545 papers were presented as well as 3 pannel discussions and 17 technical keynote addresses. Main topics were:

  • Fundamental thermal hydraulics
  • Computational thermal hydraulics
  • Verification and validation
  • Safety of existing reactors
  • Severe accidnets
  • Thermal hydraulics in Advanced Reactors

This year's, 18th conference (conference is bianual) was hold in Portland, USA, between August 18. and 22. and was organized by American Nuclear Society and Oregon State University. Conference was attended by Janez Kokalj from the Reactor Engineering Division, »Jožef Stefan« Institute, with a presentation »Premixed layer formation modelling in stratified melt-coolant geometry (Janez Kokalj, Matjaž Leskovar, Mitja Uršič)«.

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