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MELCOR software is one of the computer softwares used to independently verify the analysis of severe accidents. The MELCOR program can be obtained by participating in the U.S. International Research Program. NRC CSARP (Cooperative Severe Accident Research Program). Slovenia has been a member of the CSARP program since 2015. Within the framework of the CSARP research program, regional annual meetings for European users of the MELCOR program (EMUG - European MELCOR User Group) have been held for several years.

The eleventh meeting of European users of the MELCOR and MACCS programs was held by the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) in Brugg-Windisch, Switzerland, from April 3 to 5, 2019. On the first day of the meeting was a workshop for users of the MELCOR program. The second and part of the third day there was a meeting of MELCOR users. Mostly of the third day was dedicated to the meeting of MACCS users.

The meeting of MELCOR users this year was divided into three sections: (i) introductory presentations, (ii) applications for light water reactors, and (iii) applications for advanced reactors, fusion reactors and spent fuel pools. During the sections, the developers and users of the MELCOR program presented their activities. Dr. Mitja Uršič held the presentation:

    Leskovar, Uršič: Analysis of Severe Accident in Safety Upgraded Krško NPP with MELCOR 2.2.

Meetings of MELCOR users were attended by dr. Mitja Uršič from the Reactor Engineering Division from the Jožef Stefan Institute. It was attended by 53 users and developers of the MELCOR / MACCS program from 14 European countries and the USA.

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