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In 2010, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) set up a panel of technical support ogranizations (TSOs) to promote cooperation and exchange of information. The basis for the work group is the document TECDOC-1835 (Technical and Scientific Support Organizations Providing Support to Regulatory Functions). In 2012, a Steering Committee was established, which is concerned with the implementation of the program of the group.

The fourteenth meeting of the Steering Committee was held by the IAEA in Vienna, Austria, from 11 to 12 April 2019. The meeting had nine sections: (1) opening, (2) feedback on the TSO 2018 conference in Brussels, (3) work TSO in China, (4) the TSO initiative to support technical and research capacity in administrative functions, (5) information on the International Conference "Effective Nuclear and Radiation Safety Regulatory Systems", (6) presentation of the IAEA Information Portal, (7) other, (8) presentation of the assembly of administrative bodies; and (9) conclusion. The main points of the meeting of the Committee were:

  •     The choir is preparing a pilot workshop on the establishment of a TSO in the Republic of South Africa.
  •     The choir develops a tool for self-evaluation of TSO capacities.
  •     Every 4 years the choir prepares a conference. At the last conference in 2018, the need for effective and sustainable research, education and training was also expressed.
  •     The NSC, the carrier of the TSO in China, was introduced. A part of the NSC is also a large R&D center.
  •     The IAEA has set up a portal to more effectively review their material (https://nucleus-apps.iaea.org/nss-oui).


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