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European fusion research under Horizon2020 brings together the targeted fusion program EUROfusion, under the auspices of the EURATOM Treaty. The EU's core objectives of fusion research are related to research in support of the ITER fusion reactor and, in the long term, the implementation of the demonstration fusion power plant DEMO. The EUROfusion program is implemented by a consortium of fusion research units of EU Member States where the Jožef Stefan Institute acts as a Slovenian coordinator and partner in the consortium.

The ITER external heating system - neutral beam injection system - will have to be tested before the ITER operation on the NBTF (Neutral Beam Test Facility), located in Padova, Italy. An experimental device, which will be a complete replica of the injector neutral injection system, will allow scientists to investigate complex physical and technological problems and test the concepts of operation before the neutral beam system is installed on ITER. In all aspects it is by far the largest such device ever built in the world. The NBTF test center includes two devices - SPIDER, negative ion source and MITICA, high-voltage injection of neutral rays. SPIDER is already built and MITICA will be completed in the next two years. The NBTF in Padova was built with the help of the European Agency for ITER (F4E), Japan, India and Italy. EUROfusion works as a partner in the provision of human resources in the design and operation of the device.

In the days of 25 to 26.3. In 2019, in Padova, at the Consorzio RFX institute, a working meeting was held related to the design and implementation of experiments on the NBTF. The NBTF Center and the long-term goals of operating and conducting experiments were presented at the meeting. The representative of ITER presented the importance of the test facility in Padova, while the leader of EUROfusion presented how and to what extent the European laboratories will be able to contribute to the operation of the NBTF. The envisaged level of integration between 2020 and 2030 co-financed by EUROfusion is 14 man years each year. There are many opportunities in which JSI can participate. The meeting was attended by dr. Boštjan Končar from the Reactor Engineering Division, JSI.

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