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ERMSAR (European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research) are regular conferences on the topic of severe accident research at nuclear power plants. The series began with the first conference in 2005 in Aix-en-Provence (France). The first five conferences were organized in the framework of the SARNET (Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence), which was held under the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission (FP EC) from 2004 to 2008 and in the framework of the 7th FP EC 2009-2013 After the end of the  financing of the SARNET network, the conference is organized independently, but is informally linked to the NUGENIA (Nuclear Generation II & III Association) association.

This year's ERMSAR 2019 conference, organized by UJV Řež from the Czech Republic, was already the ninth in a row. The conference was attended by 184 participants, and it presented six plenary presentations and 64 papers. The following topics were discussed at the conference (the numbers in brackets represent the number of papers presented):

- In-vessel corium and debris coolability (18)
- Severe accident scenarios (15)
- Source term issues (9)
- Ex-vessel corium and debris coolability (7)
- Severe accident modeling and code development (6)
- Containment behavior, including H2 explosion risk (5)
- Emergency preparedness and impact on environment (4)

I. Kljenak participated in the conference as a member of the program committee as chair of the section "Containment behavior, including H2 explosion risk" and presented the report: Simulation of experiment on light gas layer erosion and small-scale MCTHBF containment experimental facility (R. Krpan, I. Kljenak, Houjun Gong, Ying Wang, Yuanfeng Zan, Pengzhou Li, E. Studer, A. Bentaib, N. Méchitoua), created as a result of the IJS collaboration, the Nuclear Power Institute of China (China), the Commissariat à l ' Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives, Institute of Radioprotection and the Süret Nucléaire in Electricité de France (all France).

M.Leskovar presented the paper: Analysis of steam explosion duration in stratified configuration (M. Leskovar, V. Centrih, M. Uršič, J. Kokalj).

The next ERMSAR conference will be organized by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe (Germany) in 2021, and for the year 2023 the organization was offered by the IJS in Slovenia.

The 9th Conference on Severe Accident Research ERMSAR 2019 (European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research), held from 18 to 20 March 2019 in Prague (Czech Republic), was attended by dr. Ivo Kljenak and dr. Matjaž Leskovar from Reactor Engineering Division.

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