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The International Conference on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2019) was held between 12 and 15 May 2019 in Juan les Pins, France, organized by the French Nuclear Society. The main topic of ICAPP 2019 was to provide a key role for nuclear energy. 335 experts from 26 countries attended the meetings.

During the opening discussion and the 2 roundtables, the participants listened to the discussion on the state and future of the nuclear industry and the importance of research and nuclear energy for the decarbation of the energy sector. Three plenary sessions were organized to discuss new constructions, the future of the nuclear energy system, nuclear fuel and ensuring the sustainable use of nuclear energy. Additionally, 3 invited lecturers presented views on the evaluation of nuclear energy for the decarbonization of the energy sector and the use of nuclear power for space propulsion. In 6 technical sections and 1 poster section, 224 contributions in the following fields were presented: nuclear physics, thermo-hydraulics, operation and nuclear safety, fuel cycle, materials and technologies of thermal, rapid and modular reactors. In the framework of the conference, 42 Nuclear Socities from around the world signed the NICE future declaration, among other things, to double the public funds for research and development over the next 5 years.

The ICAPP 2019 Conference was attended by Rok Krpan and Mitja Uršič from the Reactor Engineering Division. At the conference they presented their work of the Scaling of experiments on the containment atmosphere mixing to nuclear power plant (Krpan, Tiselj, Kljenak) and the Investigation of the applicability of the MC3D code to vapor explosion in sodium (Uršič, Leskovar). In addition, Mitja Uršič, on behalf of the Slovenian Nuclear Society, participated in the signing of the NICE future declaration.

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