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The French energy company EDF (Électricité de France) annually organizes a meeting of users of the Code_Saturne and NEPTUNE_CFD Fluid Dynamics Programs. Code_Saturne is an open source program primarily intended for simulations of single-phase flows, while NEPTUNE_CFD is not freely accessible and is mainly designed for simulations of two-phase flows in nuclear engineering. EDF is one of the main developers of both programs. At R4 division, we are currently using NEPTUNE_CFD for simulations of heat and mass transfer in the vicinity of fragments of molten core.

About 200 participants from 25 organizations attended the meetings, most of them from EDF itself. At the meeting, the developers of both programs presented the innovations and repairs and the future of the development of programs. The major part of the meeting was aimed at presenting users of programs from various, mainly engineering fields, from the modeling of the flow in the nuclear reactor, to the study of air quality in settlements due to pollution along the roads. In addition to oral presentations, posters were also presented at the meeting.

The meeting, which took place on 7.5.2019 at EDF Lab Saclay near Paris, was attended by Matej Tekavčič, who presented a poster entitled "NEPTUNE_CFD simulations of heat transfer around a cylindrical core fragment in a sodium coolant."

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