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The European Atomic Energy Society (EAES) is an organization founded in 1954, uniting European research organizations in the field of nuclear energy. The current most important function of EAES is the exchange of information on nuclear research guidelines in the home countries of organizations. The EAES consists of the Council and the Working Group. The joint meeting of the Council and the Working Party, which is held regularly on a yearly basis, is called a combined meeting. The current combined session was chaired by Leon Cizelj, who was elected to that post with a one-year term at the previous session of June 2018.

At this session, the following topics were discussed:

  • an overview of the nuclear energy situation in the EAEC Member States in 2018;
  • use of nuclear technology in medicine;
  • decommissioning of research reactors;
  • preserving and improving knowledge in the field of nuclear energy in Europe.

In the presentation "Slovenia 2018 National Survey - Highlights", we presented the situation and activities in the field of nuclear energy in Slovenia in 2018. Leon Cizelj, as the President of the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) in the section on nuclear knowledge, presented: "Attracting & developing new nuclear talents: know-why or know-how? "

At the session, Dr. Joachim Knebel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT, Germany), was elected President of the EAES for the next one-year term. The place and date of the next combined session in June 2020 in Norway was confirmed. The date of the next meeting of the Working Group in November 2019 in Riga (Latvia) was also determined.

During the session, the participants also visited the research reactor FRM II at the research center in Garching near Muenchen.

The meeting of the European Atomic Energy Society, held in Muenchen (Germany) from 1 to 5 June 2019, was organized by the German Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). We attended Prof.Dr. Leon Cizelj and dr. Ivo Kljenak.

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