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Jožef Stefan Institute is an authorized expert for radiation and nuclear safety as defined in Ionising Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act (ZVISJV). Our department comprises the bulk of such activities within the Institute.

Authorization for carrying out our expertise is given to us by the Slovenian Nuclear Safety Administration (SNSA):

  • with authorization numbered 3571-3/2012/6, given on 13.03.2012 (for duration of 5 years) and
  • with authorization numbered 3906-1/2007/8, given on 09.03.2007 (for duration of 5 years)

With its research and expertise, Jožef Stefan Institute contributes to safe production of nuclear energy from when first drafts for Krško Nuclear Power Plant were made to the present.

On 3rd of July 2013 we became a member of the European association of nuclear assessment bodies ETSON.

Members of ETSON met high standards of ethics and quality, including long-term research program.

Highlighted references in recent years

Nuklearna elektrarna Krško

Krško Nuclear Power Plant

Members of our Department were present at changes and tests of safety equipment in Krško Nuclear Power Plant in every overhaul from beginning of operation in 1982.

Other important projects in recent years:


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