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The mission of the Reactor Engineering Division is to contribute to the advancement of nuclear science, particularly nuclear safety, and thus the prevalence of low-carbon and renewable energy sources in Slovenia and around the world.

Reactor Engineering Division helps create and develop new knowledge, transfer knowledge to young talents and into practice at home and abroad through consulting, development projects, and educated personnel. As an authorized expert in nuclear and radiation safety we act as consultant to Nuclear Security Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

A brief presentation of activities that take place at the Division can be found at this link.

More details on:

  • Research: co-create and develop new knowledge.
  • Education: the transfer of knowledge to young talents.
  • Consulting: the transfer of knowledge into practice.
  • Expertise: technical and scientific support to Nuclear Safety Administration of the Republic of Slovenia (URSJV).

You are also cordially invited to get to know our partners and view our publications, as well as our YouTube channel.


 Simulaton of two fluids mixing
(L. Štrubelj, I. Tiselj: Two-fluid model with interface sharpening)

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