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Who Are We?

Reactor Engineering Division is at the core of the Slovenian research activities related to the safe use of the nuclear energy. Such research contributes significantly to the management and scrutiny of the safety of nuclear power plants in all nuclear countries. New knowledge and insights are swiftly transferred into the daily activities of the Nuclear power plant in Krško and Nuclear Safety Administration of the Republic of Slovenia.

We teamed up to contribute to the new knowledge about the modelling and computer simulations of the physical processes, which are fundamental for the nuclear safety. Our intensive international cooperation facilitates the performance of experiments and access to experimental results which support improvements of our computer models.

Our staff is our most valuable asset. Young and interdisciplinary team connects physicists with mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers. This is why our research is highly valued across Europe and the world. 

The team after the visit of excavation horizon in Velenje Coal Mine 8. 5. 2012


We work with the best!



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