Short Course on
Severe Accident Phenomenology
23-27 October 2017
Jozef Stefan Institute (IJS), Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organisers: IJS (Slovenia), CEA (France), CIEMAT (Spain), IRSN (France), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and University of Pisa (Italy).

A new one-week course entitled “Severe Accident Phenomenology” is proposed by the Technical Area 2 SARNET (Severe Accident Research NETwork of excellence) in the frame of the NUGENIA association.

The course will focus on disseminating the knowledge gained on severe accidents in the last two decades to Master and PhD students, young engineers and researchers recently involved in this field. It will be hosted by IJS in Ljubljana. This 7th SARNET course is a sequel to the previous recent ones in London (2013) and Stockholm (2015). The program will cover severe accident phenomenology, progression and mitigation in current water-cooled Gen.II and III Nuclear Power Plants (NPP), but also different design solutions in Gen.III NPPs. A special session will be given on the severe accidents of Fukushima-Daiichi NPP in Japan.

Lectures will be given by international experts and professors from major nuclear institutes, industries and universities working on the topic. Lecturers will be able to describe how the different plants would react during a severe accident.

The course will also include background lectures on NPP safety, severe accident scenarios and events leading, respectively, to the early and late failure of the containment.

The course will be open to university students with a discount fee. The course can contribute 3 ECTS as an advanced course for Master and PhD students (granted by the University of Ljubljana).

Provisional Programme: available here (.pdf)

Organizing Committee
Ivo Kljenak (IJS) - Chair
Luis Herranz (CIEMAT)
Jean-Pierre Van Dorsselaere (IRSN)
Sandro Paci (UNIPI)
Pascal Piluso (CEA)

Local Organisers (IJS)
Tanja Klopčič
Rok Krpan
Sandi Cimerman
Steering Committee
Jean-Pierre Van Dorsselaere (IRSN) - Chair
François Bréchignac (IRSN)
Leon Cizelj (ENEN)
Luis Herranz (CIEMAT)
Ivo Kljenak (IJS)
Alexei Miassoedov (KIT)
Sandro Paci (UNIPI)
Pascal Piluso (CEA)
Felice de Rosa (ENEA)

Home page:

Ivo Kljenak (IJS):
tel: +386(0)15885332

Pascal Piluso (CEA):
tel: +33(0) 442252509

Course fees:
Professionals: € 1,100
Students: € 550
The fee covers attendance of course lectures, the course material on a USB stick, coffee breaks and lunches. Travel and accommodation expenses are not included.

The following registration form should be sent to the e-mail address

Upon registration, participants will receive the information, how to proceed with the payment of the fee.

The deadline for registration and payment is October 1st, 2017. After that date, participants should contact the course organizers about possibilities for registration.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hotel Park in Ljubljana Participants are expected to make directly their own hotel reservation using the hotel registration form. Details are indicated in the form.

Transport will be organised between the hotel and the course venue.

How to reach Ljubljana:

  • by Ljubljana airport
    Ljubljana airport is located about 20 km North of Ljubljana - in the direction Kranj.
  • by train
    Ljubljana railways connecting Austria (Graz, Klagenfurt), Italy (Trieste). Main train station is in the city centre.
    The train-airport connections can also be an option.
  • by bus:
    The web site of the Ljubljana Bus station (Avtobusna postaja Ljubljana) offers timetables for all local bus connections, including the plan of the bus routes. The ticket office is open daily from about 5.00 or 5.30 till 22.30. For most of the routes you can buy the tickets directly from the driver. Please have small denomination Euro notes and coins ready.

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